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Nā Kiʻi Hou

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I am testing this out as an independent printing resource, and ordered a copy myself, to gift to a friend. I may re-publish on Blurb, if the quality isnʻt as good. It doesnʻt make sense to sacrafice quality. 


I graduated with a Dance Degree, now What?

Reflecting on 20 years as a dance maker. How I did it, grew my dream of growing a boutique dance company in my sleepy home village to an international status, with guest essays by fellow movers and shakers.

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Donklephant Dreams

Iʻve had so many really wonderful comments about this. It was a response to a change in the political environment, a political art project really, with a vision of the divide being mended by competing parties focusing on the common ground, what we can agree on. Character Counts!

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