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I show work through the Santa Barbara Art Association, and the Goleta Valley Art Association, but am currently focusing on organizing and archiving my work and making the work accessible and affordable in other forms, as art books, poetry books, and continuing in the memoir form, and the kids books that emerge now and again. 

Art Prints

I am very happy with the quality of prints and service and essence of SmugMug. For adjudication for a local arts association I used prints of my digital paintings and had some very nice comments from the adjudicators, and was accepted. At present, these have no mark-up for my pocket, a little dana, giving back to life. You just have the cost of printing and shipping.

Rest and Repose


Art & Photo Books

Nā Kiʻi Hou

Available on Lulu! $14.76 + Shipping

I am testing this out as an independent printing resource, and ordered a copy myself, to gift to a friend. I may re-publish on Blurb, if the quality isnʻt as good. It doesnʻt make sense to sacrafice quality. 


I graduated with a Dance Degree, now What?

Reflecting on 20 years as a dance maker. How I did it, grew my dream of growing a boutique dance company in my sleepy home village to an international status, with guest essays by fellow movers and shakers.

Available on Amazon!  $2.95 kindle, $8.95 paperback


Donklephant Dreams

Iʻve had so many really wonderful comments about this. It was a response to a change in the political environment, a political art project really, with a vision of the divide being mended by competing parties focusing on the common ground, what we can agree on. Character Counts!

Available on Amazon!