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August 8, 2023

I began my day with ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi studies, with being present with what arose and tending it with mindfulness, creative techniques, and playing with an image crafted at a life drawiing session in NYC, at the Spring Studios with Fred Hatt. Mermaids and metaphors, of late, it has been polywogs and dragonflies, transformation. Some lives, the hand we have been dealt, which perhaps has nothing to do with kharma, but just what is, it requires an ongoing cycle of birthing and cultivating awareness through tending inner dimensions and inner worlds, tending the unspeakable, the art, becomes a part of the medicine of change that brings about greater degrees of well-being, and wholeness. Of late, I have been tending wounds of "unworthiness" with a lot of interesting insight bubbling up. Yesterday, I saw a beautiful newt of sorts, a dragonfly with no wings, in the pool in which we dunked, and the week before that, I watched for the longest time, two golden dragonflies balanced on bamboo stakes in our front yard. I dare to transform.

Float mermaids float

Swim dragonfly newt swim

Fly little angel within, fly

May the spectrum of the colors that dragonflies know

bring bright light to the depths of darkness

of the ancient tones

dispelling the lies that you have no  worth.

fly little one fly

for you are loved

you are love

you are light

I see you, shining bright.