You Are Better

Nov. 13, 2023

There is a newly discovered online hook, into another rabbit hole, that has entered this field of awareness, and on it, an acquaintance, I occassionally stalk, who is no longer in my life, curious about how she is, and how she is doing. There are so many who have come and gone, and one canʻt help but wonder, with those that have gone, how one has always been the initiator in relationship, and how it gets tiring, to reach out and connect, and have it largely fall flat, so I set the intending to let go of this habit of stalking old acquaintences, and welcome fresh energy of those who reciprocate, who give beauty back, in a healthy sort of way.

I thank this being for her inspiration, reading a post, about a need to be the prettiest, the smartest, the most creative.

You are More 

You are more pretty than the stars

because your beauty is attuned to their song

and together when you sing

this beauty is a blessing to the world

You are more smarter than your brain

because your brain is connected to infinite intelligence

the field with no boundaries, no rules, no regulations

you use this infinite intelligence as a blessing for earth

and join her in her dance

as she heals herself

you are more creative than any singular artist

because your heart is seeking and questing and open and vulnerable

saying yes to authenticity

your creativity is a conduit

a blessing for the seen as well as unseen, known as well as unknown

we see you

I see you

we hear you

I heart you

Blessings on brave and vulnerable shares

into the chaos that is this moment

sifting and settling into the dark spaces in our inner worlds

little bright lights

twinkling and winking

mischievous and magical  

let our shadows be spread thin

a spicy sweet chutney

in between layers of fresh baked intention

digested with care

a gift

of processing, clearing, cleansing, and mending

may this pearl that is forming

may it be enough

to hold close and dear

in your own heart

you are enough

you deserve to exist