Swedish Death Cleaning: the visual art

My entire life, I have flowed project to project, and this is about, clearing art out. It was in a moment, when I was thinking to myself, gosh, this planet would be a lot better off, if people didnʻt hoard their money, but spread it out, when I realized, I was projecting. I have hoarded my art. I have given some pieces away, and a few individuals have asked if they could buy the art, but, for the most part, it just keeps building, layer, upon layer, upon layer. A little memory of my life. Well, I really donʻt want to leave a huge mess for someone else if I die, so I am purging big time. My goal is to eliminate 70%, which mean, not tossing around 600 drawings, which is what I am starting with. Even that is too much.  Each blog post, for my process to figure out how to organize, I show the work documented.

an image by my sister Leilani

keeping 12 out of a stack of 80 from previous journal shedding.

Observing what I Observe, what surfaces when going through a Swedish Death Cleanse.

 When going through layers of art, it is like a life review, really, and my intending is to leave a legacy of joy.