The Power of Memoir

Writing A Memoir

For individuals who have been through something really rough, crafting a memoir is potent medicine. Be forewarned, if one has deep trauma in their body, it is wise to manifest a strong support community before embarking on sharing and publishing the work. There are a lot of courses out there, and most likely, a lot of useful blog posts, social media videos, and books, about  how to go about it.

I kept it incredibly simple.

The First Memoir

For the first memoir, 3/4 the way through the healing process, I flowed  intuited style. Something inside communicated, it would be good to do, and I followed the insight that followed, and just figured it out.

ONE: I began with automatic writing, I simply began to write, everything that wanted to be expressed, and let it flow, with no censoring.

TWO: I then began to craft and shape chapters, sending these to several writer friends, who gave me encouragement.

THREE: I made inquiries about what it is like to self-publish rather than find a publisher, and I chose the self-publishing path.

FOUR: I researched this, and chose my platform, which evolved with the passage of many moons.

FIVE: I self-published small chunks of the work on KDP publishing, and then, when all the chunks were together, I published the book. 

SIX: Process what surfaced. I then went back into therapy for around 6 years of total work, to process what emerged from this. 

SEVEN: There came a time, when it felt time to unpublish it, in order to be move on, and this I did. The book is below, in a pdf format. If you choose to download it, a tip would be welcome!

LINK to I Thrive

The Second Memoir

I wrote in a series of blog posts that I published to my blog.

Once the story was told I put it in the document that would be my book and I edited it, and then published it.

It still exists on Amazon under my pen name, Ginger Freedom

The Third Round

I am currently shedding art, and a part of this process, is writing about the journey of the visual art component. What appears to be happening, is writing about my understanding of the process, and pairing it with images of the art. It is a part of a Swedish Death Cleaning Process, and also, it seems to play with the notion of creating a legacy, in that, others have expressed, the work has been very strong. The first project I share on my blog here, rather than using an outside blog. It seems like the flow is getting simpler and simpler.