2023: August 20th

Bundle One

August 20, 2023

Yes, it is overwhelming, how prolific the flow has been. For now, Iʻve chosen to keep all of these but one. When going through layers of art, it is like a life review, really, and my intending is to leave a legacy of joy. I have had some interesting emotional textures arise in relation to the recent fire on Maui, and I choose to share that only with my innermost circles, as well as the process of giving back to the earth one of the drawings. It is hard to imagine from the some 2,000 sheets of paper and canvases I am making my through, how I whittle it down to just 50. For now, I am keeping what brings me joy, and labelling which bundle things are in, photographing them, so I can easily find them, and  locate, in event there are individuals who care to purchase them. $10 small drawing. $20 large drawings, plus postage of course. If you live in my community, free delivery. Simply wanting to share, and remembering, when my good friend Bob Mask was clearing house, how making the art affordable made it possible for us to collect some pieces. Paying the generosity forwards.