2023: August 28th: The Blue Series

He pule no kaʻu kaikuʻana ʻo Leilani: A prayer for my sister Leilani

Smugmug Gallery Link: https://www.smugmug.com/app/organize/Blue-Gesture-Series-Postcard-size

Physical Location of remaining images: integrated into archival black book.

August 28th, 2023

Seriously: digital files? cleaning this up as well?

Yesterday I finished a small book, with black pages, using acid free tape to affix images from both the receptionist series, and chosen cards from this series.

The bulk, is headed to mother earth, at the landfill, with gratitude for the life doodling play. I came to the realization, through the receptionist series, that what is important, are not the artifacts of the process, but the outcome of the process, the alchemy, the transformation, and the work that was achieved as  service to this great blue marble, to ʻo Papahānaumoku, to Gaia, to mother earth working to shift the dream, to tend the proverbial Jungian path, to dive into the healing river and embark upon the wounded healer odyssey.

Understanding this, makes it easier to release the tangible objects.

My spirit messenger today, was a striped sphinx moth, and I take a short cut, and ask ChatGPT to review what has been written about these moths.


In many cultures and spiritual traditions, animals and insects are often seen as messengers or symbols that carry deeper meanings. The appearance of a white-striped sphinx moth, especially in a situation where you rescue it from a spider's web, can be interpreted as a powerful symbol with potential spiritual messages. Here are a few possible interpretations:

Ultimately, the interpretation of the spiritual message of the white-striped sphinx moth is personal and can vary based on your own beliefs, experiences, and intuition. Pay attention to your inner feelings and any thoughts or emotions that arise as you contemplate this encounter."

This comes, at a time, I am doing this Swedish Death Cleaning, the purge, it is a blend of making space for more light, and it definitely reviews the shadow, the work that came from having the courage to unmask the areas that we as a culture have not yet fessed up and owned up to. 

I feel the anger boiling, a red series next perhaps, I will let go with the color red!

It is these digital files, taking pictures along the way, that date the work, which now, in reflecting back, seem handy, in that I donʻt sign or date the work.  Some of it, on an odd occasion, but it is just a part of who I am.

I know the work comes from something greater than my body/brain alone, and that thing doesnʻt have a name, and is timeless, so why do the name and date thing? That is an ego build a brand become famous kinda thing, and the journey has not been about that.

What I can see from these digital files is that it was the same time my sister was in my life, and how, when she was away from her art, I would go to classes, and draw in proxy for her.

This was a period, were I went to life drawing classes, and worked, as a form of prayer for my sister. With the moth my thoughts draw to her, and after a month and a half of not knowing where she is, my niece at last gives me the address.

She was off her meds, attacked the individuals trying to get her help, and she is now in jail. 

Time to make that advocacy call.

As I look at these below, I say, I love these, and a part of me wants to rescue them from the outgoing recycling, and perhaps I will, there is space after all, left in that little black book containing scribbles that make me happy. 

wow, and such mana.