Ink Drawings


In this moment, the spring equinox approaching in 2024, a Kāne moon, beneficial for solemnity, spiritual practice, family prayer, offerings, and healing, I am continuing with the process of "Swedish Death Cleaning". 

I am enrolled in a zoom "Open Studio" lab with Paige Wilson, and yesterday I decided NO MORE making until I complete going through everything I have created and shed, shed, shed. Some of these works still make me smile, and I am keeping them, and some, are being upcycled, some into my compost bin with the food scraps, some out to the recyling. This prompt to return to processing the drawings comes after a big purge and organizing of the dancemaker files, along with the insight, to shed the identity of "artist", and in so shedding, welcoming fresh approaches and perspectives. Grateful for these, as I reflect back, and work on mending/healing self-esteem, I can really celebrate these things for what they are, and grateful I had the courage to listen to that lovely small voice inside and flow with the life drawing invitation, and have it a part of my practice partnering the dance practice, and now, retiring, making marks with fresh intentions. 

Smugmug Gallery of Images

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This is for the time, when I have passed, and perhaps the smug mug gallery is not longer around.