2023 Journeys


Kāne Pō

The moon at 4:00 am was moving towards south, around 10:00 am in sky.

Sat with moon.


Journey: intention, to go where spirit would take me appropriate for this moon, this season, this moment.

Crocodile came as guide, dismemberment, in belly, dissolved. Created into an egg, golden light. Journeyed through rivers, south american. Emerged as a flower, egg unfolding, light, stem from the mud, scent of flower, through the clouds, upper world, to the space beyond the council, into infinite white space, light, shown that nature of heavens itself change, has cycles and seasons as we do here. There was a place associated above light that was just pure tones/song, no light, different place.

She awoke at 4:00 am, a Kāne Pō, the mahina already having risen, about 10:00 oʻclock in the sky. Situated on a wooden chair, with a hot cup of jasmine green tea, and bundled up in a down coat, and a soft pink blanket, she simply was with the moon, drinking in her beautiful light, pausing to breath a bit with the trees. 

Feeling drawn to meditate, she simply sat and had a lovely visualization of breathing up through the left side of the body into the piko between the legs, then the piko at the belly, then the piko at the crown of the head, and then up the spine, the tailbone, the sacrum, the lower back, the midback, the neck, the cranium.

The prompt from the guide was on letting go of clinging, just being with the change that is constant, letting go of the tension in the jaw, the tongue.

There was the whisper of the song. I come home to my body now, and the prompt to record this, and share this.

Then the call of the bells and the drum, to sit, and journey, appropriate dream for the moon, for the seasons, for the challenges of the planet.

Crocodile showed up as a guide, and took her in to her belly, and digested her, her acids dissolving her to nothing, creating an egg of golden light. Together they travelled like this through a river in the Amazon, in south America until an appropriate place to bloom appeared, and the egg unfolded as petals its stem and stalk rooted in the mud here, with crocodile. A sweet scent she became and this became her conduit to the upper world, pausing at the clouds, and going past the place where the council sits, and up to the place of infinite quite, spaciousness, stillness, a white light, and further still to a place of no light and a place of sound vibrations, resonance, and then came back to the light, and called into the light the world leaders of the moment.

There was a teaching, that even the heavens as we know it, they are changing as well, shifting, and that they can change at a more rapid flow, and this reflects our own way of being.