The HIVE: Year One


The HIVE marked a shift in the quest to find a sustainable model for producing dance. It was tremendously successful, although quite challenging. The project was spearheaded by Maria Rendina Frantz and was a collaborative production design. Each artist contributed a deposit, and had a set of tasks to carry out, with one person designated to pick up any balls that were dropped in interest of moving the project forward. It was inspired, in part, by the loss of the Santa Barbara Dance Allianceʻs annual showcase, with the intention to provide a local performance opportunity to dance makers. The second year of HIVE was produced by Stephen Kelly and Meredith Cabaniss (which I did not participate in), and the third year was in Brooklyn New York, which was produced by our then collective ArtBark International in collaboration with the artists.

Flyer designed by Weslie Ching

2014 was a HUGE success

>   Maria Rendina Frantz was our Queen Bee

​>   We raised $1,750 in pre-sale tickets

​>   All bees got their tasks done!

​>   We sold out!

​>   We had 3 preview articles about the HIVE

​>   The audience loved it! The artists loved it!

​>   CST provided us with a $600 space subsidy

​>   We came out in the black

​>   Artists earned their production investment back and a little bit more!


Special thanks to all the 2014 Bees in the HIVE, our fundly donors, our volunteers, Motion Theater Dance Company for providing non-profit services, ArtBark International for donating 200 hours towards project design and implementation, SELAH Dance Collective for donating lighting design and stage manager support, Stephen Sherrill photography for his generosity, AND Center Stage Theater for their $600 space rental subsidy!

2014 HIVE

Queen Bee

Maria Rendina Frantz of Motion Theatre Dance Company.


Core Organizers

Support the Queen and take on major support roles

Melissa Block

Misa and Stephen Kelly - ArtBark International/Future Traditions Foundation

(contributed 150 + volunteer hours)

Worker Bees

Worker Bees contribute to the production tasks and may also contribute creative work.

Santa Barbara

Melissa Block

Meredith Cabaniss - SELAH Dance Collective

Weslie Ching

E. Bonnie Lewis & Ken Gilbert - DramaDogs - a Theater Company

Kaita Lepore, Lamara Heartwell & Timothy Tillman

Misa and Stephen Kelly - ArtBark International/Future Traditions Foundation

Mindy Nelson


Ian Amunrud - Stage Manager THANK YOU!

Matt Nelson - BodySensate, Assistant Stage Manager THANK YOU!

Backstage and House Support: Maria Flores THANK YOU!

Technical Rehearsal Assistant: Hannah Ruth Brothers THANK YOU!

HIVE House Support: Izzie Hernandez THANK YOU!

Photographer: Daniel Wade THANK YOU!


Frit & Frat - KIN Dance Company

Noelle Andressen - Rubans Rouges Dance Company


Irene Watson - Watson Dance


2014 Program

Program Designed by Weslie Ching


2014 Press Release


2014 Press Release


2014 Press

Santa Barbara News Press

We were featured in Scene Magazine with a full page! CLICK here to purchase article

Santa Barbara Independent

The indy wrote a stellar preview article about us CLICK here to view the article for free

The Montecito Journal

Also wrote a wonderful preview article!

Photos by Stephen Sherrill


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