Alumni Showing 2010 - UCSB

Ranunculus performed at UCSB studio theater, for the Alumni Reunion of 2010

Choreography, costume, performance, sound scape by Misa Kelly

This particular piece had a lot of nice mileage premiering and was performed at Center Stage Theater for both the Santa Barbara Dance Alliance's Kinesis concert and Santa Barbara City College's Spring concert.  The work toured to New York for the COOL New York Festival, to Monterey for the Spector Dance Showcase, to Los Angeles for both MAX10 and the MixMatch Festival.  It was also performed in Santa Barbara for NECTAR: Sex & the Body, for a SonneBlauma studio showing at the Montecito School of Ballet, and also at UCSB as a part of an alumni studio showing.  This is the performance at the UCSB alumni showing.  This work was created in our SonneBlauma phase of the process.

There were some beautiful shares and there was a beautiful reception from the school budget for those who participated in the showing. There was a wonderful reunion with dancers who participated in one professorʻs research group, and they allowed us the studio theater and provided the technical support for us to be able to produce a small showing. 

We had an opportunity to have a brown bag lunch with students, to answer questions, and share our perspectives. They asked, before hand, to see our resumes, and I put together a binder of participants resumes, which was left in the dance studio for students to view. They found the interaction extremely valuable, and I believe some connections were made with some students interested in particular fields, such as dance therapy, physical therapy.

What struck me most is how life evolved, for all of us, and how dance did not always remain in peopleʻs lives, and people evolved into different fields, and how some returned to dance after mothering. It was a beautiful experience to be a part of organizing, and also, to share work n the program. Once, was enough for me, somehow. 

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