Nicole McKenzie Improv Group

For a short period of time, a group of seasoned dancers gathered, to play, and we titled the group the Nicole McKenzie Improv Group.

Musician: Nicole McKenzie

Dancers: Susan Shaberman, Mindy Horowitz, Misa Kelly, E. Bonnie Lewis, 

Some of the happenings are archived on this Facebook page.

and... the website which archived events as well.

Our collaborative group description was as follows:

The Nicole McKenzie Improv Group is a collaborative and co-creative dance group in SB founded in 2013 by us. We are four non-traditional women with an eclectic background in the arts sharing the common denominator of dance as community expression and prayer.


Our diverse life pathways have intersected at a time when we have gained the skills, ability, and maturity to deeply listen, and this deep listening serves as a means to let us mine rich improvisational territory.  We are able to respond to what comes up in the moment and go with the honesty of the initial impulse.  


Within our collaboration is pure joy and freedom, coupled with a strong sense that we aren’t finished yet.  We are reconnecting.   We are reviving.   We are re-inventing.



February 1st

Awakenings and Beginnings Festival

Produced by Rubans Rouge Dance Company

Diavolo Theatre

1:30 pm

Musician: Nicole McKenzie

Dancers: Ruth Alpert, Misa Kelly, Susan Shaberman

March 8th, Yoga Soup, NECTAR: The Art of Healing

Musician: Nicole McKenzie

Dancers: Ruth Alpert, Misa Kelly, Susan Shaberman

May 1st

ArtBark International & Friends

1st Thursdays

Corner of State and Canon Perdido in front of Marshalls

May 24th

ArtBark International

Studio Performance Series

Montecito School of Ballet

August 21st

Mix Match Festival

2:00 pm


May 2nd

1st Thursdays

ArtBark International & Friends

Site Specific Improvisation

Musician: Nicole McKenzie

Dancers: Ruth Alpert, Misa Kelly, E. Bonnie Lewis, Susan Shaberman, 

August 2nd, August 3rd

CUT THE EDGE - Performance Installation - the Pescadrome, 101 S. Quarantina, Santa Barbara, CA 

Participation in ArtBark International's ADaPT Festival

Musicians: Gregg Johnson & Nasir Sayed  Dancers: Ruth Alpert, Jan Vucinich

November 3rd

Minty - Yoga Soup, Parker Way, Santa Barbara, CA

Participation in ArtBark International's project Minty

Musician: Stephen Kelly

Dancers: Ruth Alpert, Misa Kelly, Susan Shaberman