3 Cities: 3 Choreographers

Center Stage Theater

Performance of 3 Cities; 3 Choreographers


After the non-profit was created, and I gained a sense of the limited performance opportunities in Santa Barbara, I began to understand that people who came to boutique dance makerʻs shows were people they knew. Audiences came out to see the "stars", but if you werenʻt a "star" then the locals tended to not come to shows, unless they knew you. No community based company in Santa Barbara had toured to other cities at this point in our townʻs history, and I had the idea to invite a friend I knew who lived in Los Angeles, and a friend I knew living up north, to collaborate on a show that would enable us to tour to respective cities. It was a tremendous success. We sold out at all the venues. 

We were also on the cover of a Los Angeles Yoga Magazine, thanks to the beautiful work by Am Wu. The local press in Santa Barbara was exceedingly generous by way of both preview articles and reviews.

Anaya Cullen designed the costumes and Gwenna Devries, Kaita Lepore, and Erika Kloumann were the dancers. The dances we shared were Nadar, Gypsy Dreams, and Le Jardin Rouge.

Louie Cornejo made arrangements for the Los Angeles performance and Kerstin Stuart made the arrangements for the performances in Pacific Grove and Santa Cruz.

I had an intuitive sense, that seeing work produced by artists living in other cities, as well as travelling to perform in other cities, and countries even, was necessary for creative growth.

Press Quotes

"an innovative show" 

Justine Sutton, The Santa Barbara Independent

"the evening was like a good mixed tape who wants you turn you on to the newest of new. Consider mission accomplished."

 Ted Mills, The Santa Barbara News Press

"The seven dance performances showcased by 3 Cities: 3 Choreographers shared an allusive, perplexing beauty."

Brian Chance, LA Yoga Magazine

Publicity Photos by Am Wu

Kaita Lepore, Erika Kloumann, Misa Kelly