Songwriting and Poetry


I have SO much poetry.  I have not felt drawn to publishing the poetry onlne, but I created this space, as a way of saying yes to my ancestors, I understand, this gift is one of the many gifts passed through this magical lineage. and... gosh, maybe 1% of the writing, Iʻve posted. It seems to be mostly a personal process.


posted to my YouTube Channel (goodness, what a mess! I set the intending to craft things nicely and perhaps find a different place for songs.)

30 day challenge on soundcloud. In 2019, as a part of my creativity class, we had a 30 day creativity challenge, I expanded this to include a 30 day challenge to record a song a day.

no nā nene

pule no ka ʻāina ʻo Ukulena.

It is Possible to be a Bug

Sycamore Stories