The Sticker Project

Guerilla Style, 2023

I have been exhibiting with the Santa Barbara Art Association as well as the Goleta Valley Art Association, to connect with community, but the parameters of jurors and frames, at times, donʻt resonate with projects.

So, I am continuing with my museum project, and have crafted image one for the series.

It is still conceptually brewing.

The Sticker Project: 

He pule no Lahaina: A prayer for Lahaina

"Hawaii: History, Illegal Overthrow, and Impact on Hawaiians

I. History of Hawaii:

II. Illegal Overthrow:

III. Impact on Hawaiians:

IV. Modern Developments:


The history of Hawaii is marked by its rich indigenous culture, the injustice of its illegal overthrow, and the lasting impact on Hawaiians. Despite the challenges faced, Hawaiians have demonstrated resilience and determination in preserving their culture, advocating for their rights, and shaping their future."

The Sticker Images

a selection of images spanning decades of work in drawing, painting, photography. Some of these images have been installed, Guerrilla style, in and around various museums on Turtle Island and in Europe.