If you do what you love, and keep working, over the years, many blessings released into the world as wishes for harmony manifest, with gratitude.

It is not true, do what you love, and the money will follow, perhaps oneʻs ashes, or perhaps it is yet to come. I have not found this to yet be manifest, do to what you love, and money will follow.

Listing of Performance Work: Dance, Performance Installation, Acting

One Women Visual Art Shows

Shared Visual Art Shows

Group Visual Art Shows


The Travelling Brick Show, Victoria Theater, Santa Barbara CA

Santa Barbara Public Parks 

The Pescadrome: Cut the Edge One (concept, organization of multiple creative), Santa Barbara CA

The Pescadrome: Cut the Edge Two (concept, organization of multiple creative), Santa Barbara CA

Hot Ice – the Lady Di Project, Center Stage Theater patio and foray, Santa Barbara CA

The God’s of Goleta – for Santa Barbara Dance Theater production, Hatlen Theater, Goleta CA

Dancing on My Daddies Grave – MFA Thesis installation, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA


Passage (soloist)

Dancing on my Father’s Grave (concept, direction)

Fasebook Performance Project (with Sojourner Kincaide Rolle)

The Ballerina Project

Integrative Arts Performance Exploration Series

Paint My Wrinkles Red

Alma (video editing)

Stop Action Film – the Dragon’s Egg (with Stephen Kelly)

Songs & Poetry 

Havenʻt begun to organize


Havenʻt begun to organize

Book Projects 

Donklephant Dreams

I Thrive

Tips from the Dancemaker Trade

Ombuds Publications

Visual Art

Beginning to figure out how to organize