TURF - Santa Barbara and TURF - Los Angeles

ARTISTS FROM SANTA BARBARA – LOS ANGELES – NEW YORK Expect to be moved, shifted, inspired, humored and uplifted! Choreographers from these 3 great cities, known for being hotbeds of creativity, co-produce these up close and intimate studio showings.

"An artist as one blade of grass, all alone, coping with the survival elements? Or, as a community with interwoven root systems, they have the potential to generate a powerful sense of turf. Turf because dancers are a fierce breed: courage, heart, poetry, rich souls.  As a dance maker, I liken them to wild horses. So, given it is my turn to lead in terms of community production, I wanted to use a metaphor that serves wild ponies well.” Turf tender Misa for the community. 

TURF is an outgrowth of a progressive arts community seeking sustainable ways to share their work with the world. The project builds on the base of Misa Kelly’s 20 years experience producing and co-producing locally, nationally, and internationally - initially as the Artistic Director of SonneBlauma Danscz Theater, then as a collaborator and co-creator with ArtBark International, and a co-producer with the HIVE initiative. It follows a streamlined cooperative model in which artists share production costs and tasks and receive a percentage of ticket sales. They co-produce with intention using a co-created value base and using principles of conscious leadership (conscious.is.) Artists will also share their creative offerings on November 5th at the Electric Lodge in Venice Beach. Tickets for the Electric Lodge performance are $10 and are available at the door.

TURF Artists:

Santa Barbara Artists: Mindy Nelson, E. Bonnie Lewis, Ken Gilbert, Misa Kelly, Stephen Kelly, Valarie Mulberry New York Artists: Trina Mannino, Barbara Mahler Los Angeles Artist: Nancy Evans Doede

Presenter / Producer: Misa Kelly Dances in Collaboration with the Artists


Gail Towbes Center for Dance

2285 Las Positas Rd 

Santa Barbara CA 93105

Performance Dates: 11/6/2016

Sunday, 11/06/2016

Performance Times

6:00 pm

Ticket Information:


Tickets at mdkellydances.com

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